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Wow Factor!

It has been brought to my attention that I do not post enough about how amazing eyelash extensions really are. Individual eyelash extensions can help you achieve a look that is basically unobtainable for most people just by using mascara, curlers and various growth serums. You can not only almost double the length and width of your natural lashes, but you can achieve a lasting upward curl that opens up the eyes dramatically! All of these benefits just can’t be achieved by using even the most expensive mascaras, lash curlers, and growth serums on the market. Extensions do this with zero clumping, running, and flaking. Plus they look perfect first thing in the morning, after swimming in the pool or at the beach, or even after sweating for hours in the gym. And contrary to what some say, they do not harm or effect your natural lashes when applied and taken care of correctly.

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Elaine Kirwin

Elaine Kirwin is the owner and operator of Blink. She has been a licensed esthetician since 2000. She is passionate about the beauty industry and has always stayed on top of the latest exciting trends in all areas of the field.

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