Sparkle for the Holidays with Candied Lashes!

Sparkle for the Holidays with Candied Lashes!

Want to add a subtle sparkle to your eyes? �Now available, “Candied Lashes!” �Candied lashes are finely glitter covered lash extensions that are evenly dispersed among your top lash line. �Only 5-6 are used on each eye to give just a hint of sparkle. �After about a few days to a week, the sparkles will wear off, and you are left with a beautiful black extension. �A fun way to jazz up your look. �Available in gold and silver, and for only $10 up-charge to your fill.

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Elaine Kirwin

Elaine Kirwin is the owner and operator of Blink. She has been a licensed esthetician since 2000. She is passionate about the beauty industry and has always stayed on top of the latest exciting trends in all areas of the field.

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