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Bottom Lashes

According to all the fashion magazines, bottom lashes are making a comeback, (not that I knew they were ever “out”).

So, I often get asked if bottom lashes can have individual extensions applied?� The answer is “yes”.� However, there are a few major caveats.� Here are the big ones:

1.��The client has to keep her eyes open during the procedure.� This is extremely tricky for a few reasons.� First, it is difficult to�keep your eyes open while tweezers are coming directly at your eye.� And because the eyes are open, we have to use a very “sensitive” glue, which leads me to #2.

2.� Sensitive glue must be used so that the eyes are not harmed by the strong fumes�that is normally used for the upper lashes.� Sensitive glue is not as strong and doesn’t hold up.

3.� Because of the eyes being open during the procedure & the use of sensitive glue, the bottom lashes literally only last for a day or so before they are washed off.� Due to this this extremely short life span, it is hardly worth doing!

Many other lash salons will try to upsell you on this option, but truly, just save your money!� It’s a waste of time & money & you are better off just going without anything, or using�mascara on your bottom lashes.


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Elaine Kirwin

Elaine Kirwin is the owner and operator of Blink. She has been a licensed esthetician since 2000. She is passionate about the beauty industry and has always stayed on top of the latest exciting trends in all areas of the field.

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