Pageant Lashes

Pageant Lashes

Contrary to what you may think,�eyelash extensions are not necessarily suitable for beauty, or fitness pageants.� The reason being is that�pageants �are done on a stage and require “stage makeup”, meaning over the top, heavy makeup, so that�the person is not washed out by all the bright lighting.��For eyelash extensions to really work for someone on the stage, they would have to be done very thick, and long, which could not only be damaging to the�person’s natural lashes,�but make the person look like a drag queen long after the pageant is over!� A better fit�would be to wear a heavy strip lash, that will give her the temporary look, but then can be removed right after the competition.� Extensions are perfect for once the competition is over and back to doing normal�day to day or promotional activities.� They give the appearance of incredibly beautiful lashes, without the daily application of mascara.� They are perfect for photography & HD television.� Strip lashes look harsh &�terrible for�pretty much any other setting besides the stage, and maybe a very dark night club!

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Elaine Kirwin

Elaine Kirwin is the owner and operator of Blink. She has been a licensed esthetician since 2000. She is passionate about the beauty industry and has always stayed on top of the latest exciting trends in all areas of the field.

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    Good advice. Longer lashes?